Offering solutions to IVF clinics for both male and female IVF, Kat laboratory and medical has a dedicated person to handle the sensitive nature of this product line.

From leaving our suppliers in Europe to arriving at our customers in South Africa, each shipment is carefully tracked and monitored ensuring the temperature sensitive media and oils are handled with care.

We are proudly associated with two leading companies in the the field of fertility and by expanding our knowledge at various Eshre events over the past few years means Kat laboratory and medical is well positioned to handle your clinics demands.

- Vitrolife

Vitrolife is a global company providing products and services for assisted reproduction. Their portfolio holds technology in time-lapse systems, instruments and media to provide an unbroken chain of quality products, securing the results in every step during the whole IVF-treatment. Together. All the way. Learn more at www.vitrolife.com

- Nidacon

- Hunter Scientific